KC Farm
Welcome to KC Farm in Mount Mourne, N.C.
We offer the best local and freshest produce.  We also offer grass feed beef, free range chicken eggs and fresh baked goods.
We are currently low on availability of Brown Eggs.....more eggs available mid March 2013.

Produce, Beef and Baked Goods available the months of Jan,Feb & Mar 2013
- Hamburger $6.00 per LB.
- Shank Steak $5.00 per LB.
- Beef Neck Bone $4.00 per LB.
- London Broil $8.00 per LB.
- Kidneys $5.00 per LB.
- Short Ribs $7.00 per LB.
- Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing
  whole cake: $28.00, half cake: $15.00
   (48 hour notice)
- Lemon Pound Cake
  whole cake: $24.00, half cake: $13.00
   (48 hour notice)
- Bannana Bread with Pecans
  small loafs: $5.50 each 
  (48 hour notice)
- Custom Decorated Cakes
   one layer cake (3 colors): $40.00
   each additional color add $5.00    

 * Custom Cakes require a one week  
   advance notice.

Our Farm is located at 277 Midway Lake Road, Mooresville, NC 28115
Orders can be placed at KCFarm68@gmail.com or (704) 807-2900